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Hi I am eighteen years old, eversince i can remember i have been interested in science, space/universe and extraterrestrial intellegence, some people think that it must be a miracle for ETI to exist, but if you think about it it would be even more of a miracle if Earth was the only planet to inhabit life out of millions and millions and millions of other planets in our universe.
I want to have a career in the field of astronomy and it would be my dream come true if i were to go into space. If have extremly strong feelings when it comes to space, let me give you an example to prove just how dedicated i am to space, Neil Armstrong went to the moon in 1969, if there was absolutly no chance of him coming back do you think he still would have gone, well let me tell you if NASA were to tell me that i could go to Mars but ther would be absolutly no way i could ever get back, not even 0.00001% chance, i would have said my goodbyes and got aboard that shuttle in a nanosecond.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I am totally positive in thinking that ETI is out there, i will always look up and know in my mind that someday we will encounter them, could be anytime, today, tomorrow, or even in the next millenium.
The benifits of discovering ETI would obviously be that we can exchange technology with them and maybe even work together on projects.
But the problem is that if a Space Craft from another world was to land, the military would swarm over it, so the beings inside could feel threatened and either attack or leave. People always think of ETI as just aliens that come to earth do so examinations on people and are hostile killers. But like i said if the military swarm over an unknown space craft then i think the military should just stop and think, they are worried that the ETI could be hostile, but what kind of impression would they set surronding the space craft with weopons.
Yes i think we humans should transmit a beacon for others to find, the ones that we're
sending out now or we have already sent out may not be the right ones but we should try anyway. I don't know what info we should send, i think we should just try to establish a connection first.
I run SETI@home because it makes me proud to know that i am participating in finding ETI and who knows it could even be my batch if results that contain the key. Also my computers are on all of the time anyway because i have a broadband connection so Seti@home can crunch away when im out.
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