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Sarah- 22 from Tracy in nor cal. Currently living LA and go to school here & work p/t as a nanny. I am pursuing a BA in child dvlp. to become 2nd grade teacher. My dad loves science fiction & because of him I find it intriguing as well. Dad's a big star trek fan, I thought it was geeky when i was younger but appreciate it now for the intelligence and hope that it brings to those that will watch/listen. I stumbled on seti@home a few years ago. I enjoy the screen saver and the idea of finding another wow! signal possibly on "my" computer is just awesome. After seeing the size of the arecibo telescope in the movie Contact & the very emotional performances by the cast I was in awe of the possiblities that exist in a universe so beautiful and yet still undiscovered. Aquinas once said that there is order and government in the universe hence there must be a first creator and a first governor. Now that is powerful. I recommend seti@home to all that will listen. It is painless, powerful and free. Why not allow the use of your computer to help every so little in the search for other intelligent life? You really can't think that we are the smartest things out can you? come on, humble me. Encourage your friends and family to join seti@home TODAY!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think extraterrestial life does exist. You know what the if and when thing is kinda hard to talk about soo many possiblities/truths/opinions if you know what i mean. Alien abudctions, national inquirer, crop circles, the movies: Signs and Contact among others. I truly hope such evidence will be verified and available to those interested before we run our planet to shit. I truly want to believe that within my future grand-children's life time they will be awaken with the knowledge of such evidence. That we really are not alone, until then i will instill a since of faith, hope, and love in raising my family. To be open-minded, and skeptical but also to believe. Oh wow, to ask what could possible be beneficial/dangerous about such a discovery is almost like saying what could be both good and bad about the internet or what could be both good and bad about the discovery that the "God" did not make man & woman out of clay. Or that we evolved from monkeys which evolved from reptiles which evolved from amoebas which were put here by -extraterrestrail life? hmmm -not enough time in the world to discuss what if's. I believe very strongly that a beacon is not necessary for others to find us. However, if they choose to do so, they do at there own risk. I believe we should send symbols of a heart and peace sign as well as every translation of both words known to man. I run seti@home to illustrate that a belief not seen may still be real. I love the whole concept of the project. Keep up the good work. Encourage more movies, apply for more arecibo time, have more fundraisers, introduce the idea to kids of all ages, have some more cool posters of supernova stars, etc. availble for purchase on site. Thank-you for creating such a wonderful site and allowing the general public to participate.
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