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I am from Kissimmee Florida, but I currently live in Memphis Tennessee. I am 31 and a police officer. I work on and paint cars and motorcycles for a hobbie. I have never been nor will I ever be abducted by aliens. I would go willingly though, should the need arise. heh. No one really uses our home computer for extended periods of time except when I am on my off days, so I figured I would let the seti guys have some time on it. I have been married for 11 years and have 2 kids. They have never been abducted by aliens either, so far as I can tell. My son does however pretend to be an alien on occasion. Oh yeah, I also like to fish, when I am in florida. There is not much fishing in the Memphis area which is very upsetting for me as I fished daily while in florida. Maybe all the fish around here, along with the water they were in, got abducted by aliens. If some aliens wanted to take me fishing in florida, I guess I could be abducted for that. My wife would have to come though, she misses florida too. Maybe the fishing is so good in florida because the aliens drop all the fish they abduct there. I guess they abduct alot of elderly people and drop them in florida too. Do I ramble...? :o) I also hope we aren't alone out here........
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I hope that the odds of us being alone in the vast expanse of the universe in toto are not greater than the odds of us not being alone in same universal expanseivness. Any chance of detection probably will be the result of massive computing power, I think the seti at home program affords seti that power, untill something faster and bigger is available. We already transmit much more than we probably should. Almost every signal that comes from tv, radio, and other such sources manages to eeek it's way through space. Such diverse information could be confusing to a alien race. As I understand it, there are over 1200 languages being broadcast at over 100,000 wats daily. All escaping the earth and going forth to whomever should happen upon it. I think there is life out there and the chances of "proof" not the government coverup kind, but real proof that the avarage doubter can't deny, will probably come from seti or a simular group. Thats why I run seti at home.
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