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retired military
hobbies: flying,
HAM radio,
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I think life exists out there but I seriously doubt any intelligent life would want to contact us. We as a whole people of this planet are so savage any intelligent beings will wait a few hundred more years before they even think of talking with us. What is the first thing our government would do if a ship landed here? They would try and capture the aliens and study them. That would be like flys trying to capture the lizards. If they are so smart that they can travel to this planet then we are mere flys to them. I do hope in my lifetime we make contact but I think I have a much better chance of winning the state lotto jackpot twice before that happens. I think the scientists that are studying the signals from space should be sending out secret messages and not let any government know about it. A message that says come to a secret place to meet us where no government agency will be involved so they are not threatened or possibly captured. Well I will continue to do my part and run the seti@home program. I can only hope it helps in some small way.
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