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The screename is LT. RASCZAK from Heinlien's STARSHIP TROOPERS

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" Defending counterintuitive positions makes people feel like abstract intellectuals, capable of grasping the larger point beyond the ken of the little people. But just because something is counterintuitive dosen't make it true." - Ann Coulter

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Do you think extraterrestrial life exists?

Absolutely. There is to much Universe out there for it not to exist.

If so, when and how will humans discover it? Hopefully before THEY discover us.

What are the possible benefits and dangers of such a discovery? It might turn out that we are living on some very strategically located real-estate. That the Earth might be a "galactic Guadalcanal", strategic real estate inhabited by "unimportant primitives" is my biggest fear.

It's possible that we might purchase advanced technology from aliens, but what would we pay with? From their point of view, would be worth 15 light years worth of freight, and not be more easily obtainable elsewhere? Certainly not natural resources, a space fairing culture could pull those from asteroids, moons, etc. Our technology would be as interesting to them as a stone knife. Maybe art or literature, but it would have to leap one heck of a culture gap. Perhaps frozen animal embryos, or genetic material from plants, but not a lot else.

Should humans transmit a beacon for others to find? NBC and NORAD have been sending out such a beacon for over 50 yrs. It's a bit late to start debating the issue now.

Why do you run SETI@home? I think we WILL find them, sooner or later. Given what I know of The WOW Signal, I think we already have.

What are your views about the project? I think it should be run less like a scientific experiment and more like an intelligence gathering operation- because that's what it is. SETI is simply a galactic version of the radio intercept operations that intelligence services have been running for almost 100 years. The intelligence community has been studying and doing these operations since before WW I. I'd like to see SETI draw upon that experience, and not have to re-invent the wheel. I'd be particularly interested in seeing the SETI paradigm re-examined in the light of that almost 100 years of experience, particularly in regards to what is and is not considered "a hit."
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