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I would consider myself a product of my environment, having grown up with NASA and space launches, The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek, ET, Star Wars and the like. My parents had open minds, and passed that on to me. Yes, I can tell the difference between science fiction and science fact; none the less, I am a great believer in the ingenuity and desire of the human spirit. Given enough time and proper motivation, we can overcome any obsticle.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I strongly feel extraterrestrial life exists in the vastness of all of space, and that some may have visited earth in our past. Possibly, they still are visiting, watching our development. Our own efforts to discover ET would be a long, tedious task, as it has so far. We don't have the technology to go out and find it, and the passive searches we have mounted are not turning much in the way of results.

When Marconi first began experimenting with radio, contacting an ET was the last thing on his mind. Our planet has, since that time, served to polute our surrounding area with all kinds of 'noise' which would serve to act as a beacon for locating and telling about ourselves. Most of these signals are meant to be entertaining to us, and just mildly representative of what life would be like on 'this planet Earth'.

I participate in this project because I am of open mind, and feel that this is the best way that I can help, and maybe make a difference. I do not subscribe to the arrogance that 'we are alone in the vast ocean of stars that make up our night sky.'
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