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Personal background
I am a student from Belgrade, in the country of Serbia and Montenegro. This place was also known as Yugoslavia, but now I prefer the new name. Mainly because of the "wars in the Balkans" bad reputation.

I study Electrical Engineering. To be exact - automatics. Those tiny robots and artificial intelligence stuff. To an outsider I assume it sounds very interesting, but actually it is a lot of maths and theory. Which I adore and also enjoy from time to time.

I also adore girls and women (don't all men?) and also enjoy them and their company, a little more seldom than I wish. :-)

I suppose that another thing about me worth mentioning is that I train karate-do. In a primary school my two friends and me, we teach children to learn this martial art and improve their physical fitness so they can build their self confidence and broaden their mind. (I sound like a sect follower.) ;-)

On the other hand, I truly believe that world would be a much nicer place if all schools were free like Summerhill. Someday, I hope, I will help to found one in my country. What an ambition, huh?

Ha! I made my first profile. And now I can call myself a profiler.


P.S. The picture is of me and my sister Ana couple of years ago.

PP.S. Maybe I should also note that I was born in 1977, so I wouldn't have to update info about my age every now and then. This way, if you don't mind to do a little computing, you can even discover my current age. :-)

PPP.S.. Feel free to email me.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
The morning on the day when I wrote the first version of this, my mind ran into a thought while preparing for a toothbrush session. I thought all this enthusiasm, that we all share, millions of us who run Setiathome, isn't this mainly kidding ourselves and making us feel important, as though we can accomplish something when the universe of time-space is so huge.

Then after this really short moment of demotivating depression, I came up to an idea, that it would be great if we could contribute our CPU time to solving the world hunger, or any other more acute problem. Maybe Earth climate warming, although IMHO the priority is on the previous one.

I dislike mentioning those shameless problems, cause I suppose that like me, many feel uncomfortable with their conscience when they are remembered with this subject, and actually not quite doing much or even anything about it. But then afterwards, I managed to trick those pessimistic thoughts about SETI with this: it really is important that human race protects our planet from the destiny of becoming a hyperspace bypass. At least according to Douglas Adams this could await us.

So let's all keep on crunching and fft-ing. Cause the truth is out there. Or here. Somewhere.

a smile to all from Cobe
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