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Somewhere in Hong Kong.

Lasers, Flashlights, Music, Computers and Astronomy
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do you run SETI@home?
The project may help to solve the secrets of life.

What are your views about this project?
Given the age of the Universe and the countless star systems we cannot be alone in this huge cosmos. I think intelligent life like ours are plentiful throughout the cosmos, separated and isolated by the huge interstellar distances and vast time-frames.

Any biological beings of a civilization are likely evolved into bionics or sentient machines before they go spacefaring if their evolution has not been hindered by war, disease or natural disasters.
To understand this, we can see our development of artificial intelligence, robots and exo-skeletions and why should space aliens any different, going machine can even allow the colonization of places that are environmentally lethal to biological beings.
By the time a civilization shed their biological body for digital forms, they will only need electricity as their food and huge amount of energy will be needed to support the population.

Any suggestions:
SETI should also look for regions of space where there are high energy concentration like black holes, high energy galaxies and galactic centres.
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