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Hello everybody,

I'm Cybertinus. I'm a boy and I'm 17 years old. I live in the Netherlands, so my English is not very good, I'm sorry for it. I'm also a proud member of Dutch Power Cows. I have also made a website of S@H. It is in Dutch, so I don't think it is usefull to give the link here. Speaking of websites, building websites is my hobby. My latest project is my own startpage. You can edit, remove and create links webbased, you don't have to edit any source-codes. The links have been seperaded into categories and subcategories. I'm planning to expand my startpage so that you can put the subcategories in the order you want My complete startpage is in a database. With a weblanguage (php) I make a website of it. I'm very proud of it. You can also edit all the colors and fonts and stuff on it. I also go to school. I'm in 5th grade now, so I have my endexam this year When I have completed this school I go into the ICT.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I have heart off S@H a long time ago, but I installed it on the 29th of December 2002. I'm crunching on a PIV 1300 Mhz and a P Celeron 650 Mhz, so thats not much. I'm working as fast as a can. They are all running when the PC is on, but at night the PC's must be turned off :(, so I'm not processing then.
Why did I start whit S@H? I have always been interested in space, so when I can help with discovery's in space I'm willing to help.
Do I think ET exists? Yes. There are billions of stargroups out there. Each stargroup has got billions off stars. Let's say each star has got 10 planets (just like our solar system), then you have Thats 10 billion billion planets. It is very unlikely that there is only live on Earth, and not somewhere else.
Do I think we find ET? Maybe. If ET is at the complete other end of the galaxy we may never find him. If he send's a signal now, we recieve it in 14 billion years. In 5 billion year's earth is gone, because the sun will explode in 5 billion years.
Does ET comes to Earth in an UFO (or do we go to ET in an rocket)? No. Even if we find him he is too far away to fly there with a rocket. We may have a little, but very slow, chat.
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