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I'm 34 years old, live in Memphis Tennessee and I am a Webmaster/Network admin for a mid sized company (about 300 pc's plus a few RS6000 IBM's) I've written some open source stuff and posted to Sourceforge and I really dig OpenBSD. Some one just told me that Apple is writing OS X for x86 pc's. That just may make my day! And here's the part all us SETI folks will really dig... OS X for x86 is code named "Marklar" ! If you've ever watched South Park you'de appreciate the humor in that!

As far as hobbies, I'm a Disney buff (hence my nickname) I like german sports cars and I am married with three awesome, brilliant children.

I just stumbled across SETI@Home and thought "how cool" so I set up 5pc's and a laptop to run 24/7 crunching numbers for the cause. Me MHz is you MHz!

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
My problem/curiosity with "life out there" is how likely is it that an alien race could evolve to a level that is able to break our current laws of physics. (ie: beyond the speed of light travel or communication) before thier own extinction? If life forms elsewhere as it has on our planet (assuming our planet is the norm) would they evolve differently or the same and why? How soon until thier demise? Obviously unanswerable at this point but fun to speculate. It is likely that if we ever hear any radio waves they will be from a very very extinct race. Just adds more questions!

Either way it is most interesting and a great conversation for anyone with an open mind to possibilities and abstract concepts. Remember: one day, not too long ago, a single person realized the earth was not flat. Now we see images of our own planet from spacecraft we built. What will we realize and prove next?

1) Do I think ETL exists? What does a Flea think about the dog it lives on? I think we are in the flea category and that our definition of life may not be entirely accurte.

2) Should Earth transmit a hello? Doesn't matter, by the time any ET life "hears" s we will be long gone. Remember our Sun will fizzle one day... We would probably benifit more from broadcasting good music over radio waves, not the corporate controlled gruel I hear on every "buzz" channel.

3) Why do I run SETI@Home? To help prove. To give back. I embrace the spirit of Open Source software (sharing knowledge) and this is pretty much the same gig. Also I have several computers that mostly sit idle. Heck, there paid for so why not!

My views on SETI@Home: I love the concept, turn the planet into one giant zillion node cluster! Beowulf should be so lucky! If all the proccessing power of every connected computer (idle time) can be used to better our world I am all for it. Let's cure cancer too while we are at it, why not?

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