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I'm an information systems developer. I help companies and organisations develop their informational infrastructures, beit on organisational, hardware or software lever.

Apart from that I enjoy music (listening, playing, composing and directing), magical entertainment (watchting, performing, studying, teaching, collecting items), and books (reading, analysing, studying, collecting, and yes, even writing). If I can find the time, I'll teach math to anyone in high school.

Some of my work and opinions can be found at my website.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I'm open to the (bio)logical possibility of off-earth life. If there aren't any other living beings out there right now, there might have been, and there may be in the future (f.i., when we settle on Mars). The evidence for this possibility is sparce, but there's no evidence at all for the opposite.

If there are living beings out there, let's presume they're intelligent enough for us to understand them. Wouldn't we merely run them extinct by our diseases, imperialise or colonise their planets and turn them into space slaves, for us to gain wealth? Europeans have a history of doing that. Perhaps it's a good thing off-earth life still is hidden.

On the other hand, the beings might not be interested in us at all. Simply radiating and reflecting our signals, not to be bothered with our puny species. A cosmic "return to sender". Then we sense the reflection has changed, we discover they're out there, and send a delegation. Will they swat us like flies? Will they ignore us? Will they even understand we're an intelligent life form?

The question works both ways. Will we understand them, and will they understand us? It's not a question of intelligence. It's a question of communication. That's why I believe searching the skies and sending a homing signal is the right thing to do. If you want to find somebody out there, make sure they're able to find us. Make us interesting to them, as they are to us.
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