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I enjoy soccer (Play on two teams: club and high school), The Prisoner (a 1960's Sci-Fi TV show, similar to Dr. Who), PBS/NPR, music (Ranging from Weezer - The Velvet Underground - Mozart - Ben Kweller - etc.), reading (History, Roman authors and daily life, Sci-fi, Poetry, Short Stories, and Britannica Special Edition), computers of course (Open Source is the new generation), and movies (2001, Royal Tanenbaums, etc. -stuff thats funny-).

I am a pursuer of dreams. The facination of working with somethign that is unexplored excites me beyond belief. So my main goal in the next 4 years is to get into UC Berkeley and go work on computers. Fun, no?

Wait! Sorry for that monotone rambling, I forgot to introduce myself. I am in High School, living in Texas. Yeah, school is not that crazy.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Are we not extraterrestrial life ourselves? We were born from the materials of the universe, obviously if we could develop, then other things similar to us could as well. Your dilemma, SETI, is that we are an undeveloped earth. If there was another life form advanced enough, they would find _US_ first, since they would have the technology to travel great distances and search the universe. Along with their advanced technology, we could be anialated. However, if a life form is that advanced, it is assumed they would have some sort of pity on our pathetic selves. The benefits of them is a thinking in an entirely new way. It is ignorant to think that they would be like us in nature, thinking and acting the same way a human would. This difference in thinking style, difference in brain pattern beyond our comprehension, could allow for a total change in our ideals, tenants, and beliefs about everything. What we would gain is unimaginable.

We should send up a "flare" to outerspace every once in a while, not just on the basis that it would allow easy location of us, but on a much deeper level. Sending a beacon out to the universe reminds us of who we are: humans. We are not the center of all things, we are just a grain of salt in the sea. We must work together, to achieve incredible feats and not meddle in our arguments and hate of each other as humans, for this is minute compared to the universe. So this project is more of a symbolism than any attempt to reach a civilization. But we should send a joke that is universally understandable; that type of connection between two life forms is a bond that cannot be broken.

Seti@home is here to show those super-computers how useless they are. How can a slow and old 68k Mac beat a Cray Super Computer? Banding together for this common goal is how we developed into who we are. Now if only more people knew about Seti@home...Spread the word!
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