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Hello, I am Shauny (Shaun Moore), I come from a smallish town called Andover, in Hampshire, the south of England. For all you people who don't live in the UK. Been here most of life. Except the time i spent in the Army.
I'm 51 1/4's years of age. Little overweight due to i think, sitting and laying about to my mid life spred. I no longer drive lorries due to my ill health. I do see quite a lot of shooting stars on average Ten a night of differing colours, sizes and directions, also the odd passing metor too.

As far back in the past, as i could remember aged 4 up wards i would lay in my bed just stairing out at the stars, thinking we are not alone, about 10 years of age or there abouts. Swinging on a swing or just laying on the gound in the park or back garden looking up at the stars in the evenning again thinking could there be other life out up there. From this I have had an long term but very limited interest in life from some were else other than from our own planet Earth. I often still find my self looking up at the stars and thinking we can not be the only (Sort of...) intelligent beings.

As I stand but mostly just sit looking sky ward from our planet, could some one else be doing the same. Could they...? Looking..., towards us from there own planet and, thinking the same also.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. Yes i do think there is a huge posabilty of extraterrestrial life, They could find us first, or we find them but, we will have to go a long way to clean up our act!! I could not have any clues to how we could speed things up!!
This is why I run SETI@home project and have been for a good few years now. As i do belive there is more lifeforms like us, maybe better than us some were out there so we should transmit some form message/beacon, but how would we know that any body else could hear it? As to we could be missing some one elses messages to us. So the more off us helping can reduce the time of the eventful day.

2.My views, Well i think it would be fantastic if the Seti project was the one to find life through sound then have this backed up by pictures from telescopes and so on. I think this is the best as I (Joe from the street) have a hand in helping to find the needle in the very big haystack. Things like NASSA you can only read about it. Being part of the hunt is much more fun.

3.We need to help find more people who could donate a little space on there computers. Who may be just around the corner, or far far a way, I think it is great and should continue. they our new neighbours are there, we just need to look in the right place.
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