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Well I'm 17 and finishing up my senior year in High School, sounds fun right? :-/ I think that emoticon just about answers that question, Its nice ... but I'm glad to be just about done with it. I have an extensive background in computers (or so I would say), my high school also has let me attend a community college half the school day (Computer Repair/ Networking).

As for college plans its probably Oklahoma State University, and some type of engineering (Mechanical/Computer/Aeronautical) all of which OSU has an excellent program for, and No, they did not pay me to say that :-P

Enough of that, so what do I spend my time with? Hmmm In no order of importance, reading Slashdot (, reading various books, chatting with friends on AIM, watching educational TV (TLC, Discovery, History), Posting on the S@H message boards a bit, Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Club), Junior Rotarian, and when it doesn't conflict with all the above, sleep.

Oh yeah, forgot one, work, I wash building windows for local car dealerships, pretty hard physical work, but the hours and pay are nice for a part time job.

I have run SETI@home on many computers, I don't have that many currently on my account, but I have managed to infect (see below for an explanation) several friends with S@H.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Ah the wonderful Macro Virus that is SETI@home, this thing has me hooked. Its an ambitious project linking millions of computers, paving the way for a new type of computing resource, (read: BOINC, the new open source framework for distributed computing), motivating me to learn a lot more about computers, and to top it all off, its gotten rid of countless useless flying windows!

This is rated as a high security risk, I wouldn't recommend visiting as this is the second most common form of infection, the first being visually infected by a passing screen saver that actually seemed to be doing something... the curiosity leads you to the web site though ...

This virus bridges the computer human gap, actually leading people to install it on almost any computer they can get their hands on.

Symptoms Include: Higher Temperature, Memory Loss, and CPU utilization at near 100%.

Human Symptoms Include: Well you don't really have to know what to look for, because chances are, an infected person will tell you in less than 10 minutes of conversation, be wary, curiosity can infect at the host level here.

Cure: Besides removing all contact with modern computers, no such cure for this virus has been found by this author, and there is a part of the virus that actually prevents finding a cure ... so good luck getting rid of it ...

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