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Hi, I'm just your average person from an average town in America. My hobbies are mostly centered around computers, but I enjoy my share of music and movies and other things people do, including spending time with my wonderful girlfriend.

If you want to know the truth, I don't believe even the slightest bit in extra terrestrial life. I think it's just a bunch of silliness people spend their time on to try and distract themselves from more important things in life. Call me whatever you like, but you know, it only makes you the silly one! The reason I'm donating my spare CPU cycles is to help this project towards a conclusion. I don't expect anybody to find anything, and the sooner we can finish looking for nothing, the sooner people will donate to more worthwhile causes, like umm, how about cancer research! People might benefit from that. Who cares if big medicine makes money from our spare CPU cycles, if maybe I can spend more time with the people I love? Honestly, what do you think ET would do if you found him, anyway? There is equally as much chance it will be less intelligent, less courtiess, less everything, as there is that it would be more than who we are. At that rate, imagine the nifty differences you could find, even among the same species, so I wouldn't bother to draw even a single idea concerning life outside of earth. Star Trek and Star Wars are fun movies but, he he, let's be honest here. We teach that human beings are decendant from monkies, or apes, or whatever? Why do monkies and apes still exist then? Hmm, don't bother to answer that, I don't care. Why don't we see half evolved forms of life wandering about the planet? Oh, oh, maybe we do, but well, hmm, since it takes so many millions of years, according to experts, umm, yes, we'll claim some sort of local liniarity thing. Has anybody ever stopped to think, instead of having a common evolutionary origin, ever think maybe we are similar, cause we have a common creator?
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I'm sorry and don't really intend to insult everybody, but you make it so easy! I mean, sure, all of your theories, yes theories and not facts, sound good by themselves, but put them all together, make them work together in the real world outside of your papers and figures, and what do you have? It doesn't make sense yet, keep trying. It is fun to look at the stars though, so go out with somebody who you care about, and enjoy the beauty in them.

Imagine if you would for a moment, a universe of matter, infinite in it's creation, and so awesome, it bears witness to it's own creation, but those who are able to witness it are too self absorbed to even realise this or even enjoy it in the proper frame of mind. Consider that all of the stars you witness with your fancy telescopes, being formed at afar, as though all were formed in one moment, but being so very far away, the light must wait it's turn to reach our eyes. The universe being infinite, would have a boundless record of creation to be witnessed. Expanding you say? Well, no, already created, but with our primitive perception, sure, it looks like it's expanding. Oh well, not much hope of changing anybodies' opinion though, cause everybody has one, and is always ready to share it, and well, feel free to hit me over the head with your opinion too, if you really would like to, but don't call me closed minded until you truly consider my point of view too, cause well, you can't disprove my thoughts anymore than you can prove your own.

Where's my fancy doctorate, or PHD, or whatever you throw around for writing fine new theories? Can't I have one too? I mean, at least my thought is fresh. Sorry if it doesn't fit with the perfect view of ET, but hey, my ideas are as unique as myself and the universe in which we live!

Thanks all you folks for keeping me entertained!
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