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Personal background
I am a 27 year old boy from Belgium that uses internet evry day. I am also interseted in scifi and always asked the question: is there life out there?
When I read a article in a computermagazine about seti@home in 1998 I immedialty sign in for it. Now I can help in the search and science then I did not stop doing so. I am pround That I am 0.5% from the top user. Now I can't wait until we go searching in the southern.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think there is indeed extraterrestrial life. Look at space, it is so big. I just cant beleve that we are alone or are we just a mistake and was life not suposed to be?
The main problem wil be getting in contact with each other. First like I already said, space is very very (did I already say very) big place. Second who said they are advanced as we are. Maybe there at a time like the midelage unable to get in reach of us or maybe they are doining everything they can to shield them self off. With all or wars here, I would not blame them. So I don't know how or when we will discover them.

The trouble with sending a beacon is that we do not know what kind the extraterrestial life will be. Hostile like in independen day or friendly like et or the vulcans. So I don't think we should send out a beacon until we know more.

I run seti@home because I am glad to help find ET and hopefull get a answer on are we alone?
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