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Personal background
Age: Thirty.....*mumble mumble mumble* something, eight I think.

Kids: Yep got 'em, well one, male...teenager..that should explain THAT category!

Other vitals:[/b] Go see my homepage,

Location: Mid South USA

Occupation 1: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, also known in some circles as Senior Network Administrator (one of those ATM, MCSE guys)

Occupation 2: Owner/President/Chief cook and Bottle Washer of an infintesimally small network consulting company

Hobbies: Bare Back Riding, Reading, Road Trips, Model Trains (kid at heart), Biking, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Math (ewwww, huh?), Anything thrill seeking like rollercoasters, other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

Interests: Computers, AI, Robotics (coupled with AI, esp.), Networking, Programming (insert muffled laugh here), Cars, ANY Gadget, Medicine, Physics, Psychology, Business, and of course, the most important...women!

Why I did this profile: Well, to be the Profile of the Day, of course!!

Other: All other inquiries are censored *g*

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Are ya out there ET? Of course! Didn't we just find microbes or something on Mars? As big as the cosmos is, there has just gotta be someine/thing else out there. I am skeptical if they would be on our level though, probably either way below, or so far advanced that we might not even recognize them as life forms. As far as to when we might meet/contact them, I fear it will be awhile, around 100 years away, but I wanna do my part can never tell, might be tomorrow on my machine! *g*

Home phone ET? We might as well send a signal. I think the brilliant Carl Sagan had a wonderful idea of transmitting the prime numbers up to, say 37 or so, so they would know that we can at least count. Would definitely show a smattering of intelligence on our part. And as far as danger, well...Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Scott, Admundsen, risked life and limb to find new things. There is always risk, but in this case it is one worth taking.

Why SETI@home? See above mentioned teenager. He found the address, so I started to run it. It is know running on an antiquated 400Mhz, a dual 350Mhz PIII Xeon, and a dual 1G PIII Xeon (doing one stream per 5 hours!). I think it is a phenomonal program, and well worth every processor nano-second invested. As many other profiles read, and I concur, why waste idle time? Not only that, perhaps we can do this again some other time to figure out problems such as pollution, new energy production, space flight trajectories, proceesing probe data (like Voyager, the little Mars toaster thing, etc.)

Suggestions: No, I think the SETI staff have all well in hand. Not only that, I wouldn't know enough to ask the right questions to make an intelligent query...kinda like the caveman and a car, more fascinated in the honk than the engine! (sell the sizzle, not the steak)

P.S. Hasn't the Enterprise already found all these pesky aliens? *g*

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