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I'm a 33 yr. old skateboarding chemist who lives in Oakland and works in SSF.
In my spare time I skate, program, game online(too much), read about 12 random books a year and work physics problems as an escape from myself. During the summer, I enjoy riding my bicycle and pedal my self 20-100 miles a week. Evidently, i\\'m strong on the hills but that's what I regularly ride on and I'm not the type of person to ride around the particularly steep one.

My education has been strong in chemistry, physics, math and electrical engineering. A touch of programming was mixed in too. I became interested in programming after being introduced to it in EE. Well, that's not true since I first learned to program on a Tandy and then Apple II E. I chose chemistry as a career to pay the bills, although engineering would have too. I rather cure cancer than design a circuit. I'm currently working in a cardiovascular program designing theraputic compounds for chronic and acute indications. A compound series that I help bring to life and brought to viability, is now being tested in man. Except for me an one other, everyone has now been moved to newer projects. Although I've been in chemistry a while, this is my first time around the drug development circuit. It\\'s a good feeling to have been part of something that could help someone in the future. My company also has a couple drugs in clinical trials for oncology, so far so good.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Thoughts: Nothing profound. Yes, there is ET. Time is infinite in both directions. Therefore there has been an infinite amount of time in our universe before our existence allowing time for beings to develop vastly superior technologies to ours allowing them to survive even the big bang. How can one argue against infinity when it can be shown that there are an infinite number of infinities. Not to mention, I doubt we really know how large or old the universe really is. We have all these alternate universe theories and we can't even get beyond our own moon. Let's go. If there is one common cause for humanity, I think space exploration should be it. The universe is older than the big bang and there is life out there. I don't see how any true scientist can believe in the big bang. It is the most energetically unfavorable model possible and is in direct defiance of Occam's Razor. Our desire for a beginning makes us shortsighted. I really don't that we would make contact any time soon, but it must start somewhere. If there is contact to be had, it is contact with the life that evolved on Mars before it became uninhabitable. I run SETI@home because I believe. Join My Team "Land Of The Lost" @

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