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I was born in England and have lived in England all my life.I enjoy many things including travel, gardening, red wine, summer,swimming,walking,music,movies,bowling, astronomy.Travel is a huge part of my life and I own a small house in Spain which I visit as often as possible.My one goal and aim in life is to be living in the sun sooner than later.I love the warm weather and beaches and scenery and swaying palms of Spain.Everything looks better in the sun and the pace of life and lifestyle is so much more laid back in Spain too.Spain has everything I want from life and some.Paellas,fiestas,fantastic weather,wonderful scenery,cheaper cost of living,friendly people, mild warm winters,relaxation.I enjoy writing about travel too and have a website with many pics and tips about the countries I have visited.Rome,France,Italy,Mexico,South Africa,Egypt are just some of the many I enjoyed visiting.

I also love movies.I collect DVD's such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Contact,Alien,Dead End,Cabin Fever,Space Truckers,Space Oddessey 2001,Sphere, Se7en,The Fifth Element.Basically I love a good movie which is set in space and a good murder mystery goes down very well.Also enjoy films such as Stir Of Echoes and What Lies Beneath.I love Star Trek,Kirk and Picard .Do not like the newer one's as much.

I own an Orion 8 inch reflector telescope which I have taken a few pics of the moon with.Do not get much use out of it living here in cloudy England mind ;-(.Spain is a great place to have a scope.Clear skies ;-).I do not believe in God and I do not believe Aliens have visited Earth as yet.I just believe we are here.We then die.Enjoy life as it's short.Do what you want sooner than later..................My website address if you want to see my travel
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I know there is life somewhere out there.If you think that each star is a Sun and each Sun could have several planets orbiting it.Every Galaxy has millions of Solar Systems and there are billions of Galaxies.The numbers are mind boggling and if just 1% of these planets had some form of life on them that would mean millions of planets would have some form of life out there.

I run seti@home because I do believe ET is out there.I do not believe the claims of abduction by people but believe ET may know we exist from afar.I think running this project is a good thing as we will one day hear or see or discover something.It is just a matter of time.It may be in two months, two years or 200 years.But all good things are worth waiting for.I like to think that in my lifetime something happens.We discover something amazing and big that will change our history books.Something that will make every single person stop and look and listen.Something that would change the ways of us humans.Maybe stop the killing and terrorism as the thing we find is so mind blowing it changes everyone.A lot to ask but I can dream and hope.Dreams can come true as what is the use of dreaming if they can never come true?Imagine finding life out there which answers all our questions.Why?Where?When?How?Now that would be Wonderful.Everyone want's to know the real meaning of life.Imagine being handed the answers.

Sometimes I wish Star Trek was real as my dream job would be working on the Star Ship Enterprize zooming through space and seeing new world's and life.Maybe in our future we will have spaceships that can leave our Solar System and Galaxy to explore deep space.I sometime's wonder if ET know's we exist would he even bother contacting us?Would he see us just like an ant hill?Just a load of creature's that mean nothing to them?Maybe they are waiting for us to advance more before they make contact?Also another thing, some people say they were abducted by Aliens.I do not believe this.But what does sometime's cross my mind is time travel.Would humans from the future travel back in time to take sample's etc and experiment on us?Abit like a living history lesson?I mean I am sure in the future they would have the technology to do these things right?

Seti@home is a great idea and it makes people who are interested in space feel they are actually contributing to finding ET and its great to see so many people feel the same as me:).I think the seti@home forums are a good way to chat to fellow crunchers and enjoy the new seti@home Boinc forums.Would be good to see more ladies on the forums ;-)
Thanks for reading.

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