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Personal background
I am a computer/internet freak. Plain and simple. I have been one since the age of 12, which was about 19 years ago... remember the TI home computer? Since then, I have taken apart PCs, put them back together without a perfect score and just gotten to love whatever there is to like about a computer. Hell yes, I have a life outside of that and am proud of it. Apart from work, I mostly keep busy with my family - the one thing that beats every other kind of fun. I run SETI on every PC I can get my hands on, which is not too many. Just waiting for the day we hit jackpot with that signal from the outside world... until then, keep that ear open...
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
We are not alone... I have firmly believed in that ever since I got interested in UFOs and the little green men at the age of 8, which was about 23 years ago. It has fascinated me that there are hundreds of sightings every week across the world and the only reason I might be missing out on the fun is because I don't keep my eyes open long enough. Most of these sightings are either "mirages", dreams or just plain fake. But even if one of them is true... bang... you got them!

The law of probability just works against the non-believers. Countless stars and their planets - it's just not possible that only we got lucky with this "life sustenance" environment. Isn't it possible that someone actually created it for us? Put us here to see what happens when a group of beings are put together in place? Maybe we are just puppets to someone watching us from far, far away, laughing out at how we are killing ourselves, over and over again.

Then again, that might be too farfetched. If life can flourish on earth in one environment, why couldn't another be nourished in a different setting? As an example, we breathe O2 but trees don't... fish don't breathe through a nose... and so on... it's probably a very simplistic view but all it means is that life in other shapes and form is a sure thing and will nurture in whatever environment it can get. You just can't stop it. And if there is someone out there looking for us, hey buddy, we're looking for you...
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