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I have been involved with DC for quite a while, I also love reading. And so I have built a website that has information about books - My idea is to build the imdb for books.

I have got a fairly decent structure put together - I have forums set up and a database that contains information about Authors, Books, Genres and Series. I have great plans to include more features - and I am looking for people to join up, use the forums and request features!

the website is the Internet Book Database of Fiction
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I do think that ET life exists - where it is - whether we will EVER find it - and if we will ever be able to have meaningfull species to species contact - I personally think that these things can only happen if we as a species are able to develope some form of Faster Than Light communications, and possibly even travel.

I think that possibly we are looking in the wrong frequencies for a signal - I think it more likely that other intellegences are going to be sending their messages in the light spectrums - perhaps some form of laser signal - I think that a pulsed signal like this is more likely than radio - and if we contemplate sending our own lightspeed signals we should be looking at some form of space mounted laser to do the job. That is to say - a laser mounted ex-atmospheric - so a moon based laser would be more than adequate.

Once we develop the right space technology capacity we should consider a moon base, or even geostationary satelites, that run through solar power - and deliver power to the earth. this would enable the space program to be self funding, a la selling power to California and elswhere ;) We have a fantastic power source in a massive Fusion reactor 1 AU sunward ;) and we should be trying to make some use of it!!

Having made clear [or not ;) ] my feelings on ET and some aspects of our global space program - I will comment on my reasons for running the SETI@home project.

After I started SETI@home classic - for the next year and a bit my wife kept hassling me about my silly hobby - but then I finally managed to start having some true success and I told her that this was like a sport to me. It became a competition - and it was the first one in my life where I could WIN!!!

Of course I had many people still ahead of me - and I had no show of hitting #1 in SETI@home classic - Peter Dobcsanyi just had too commanding a lead. Silver is not that bad in ANY competition.
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