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I am currently 29 at the time I am writing this. I have been interested in space exploration since I was a child. Quite possibly, growing up with Star Trek had a serious influence on me. Because we can not at this time explore the stars, it makes sense to use the tools at our disposal to look for any signs of other intelligent life in the universe.

Currently I make my living in locksmithing and security. I am the owner and operator of Romstar Systems Security Services. We are a full service 24/7 locksmithing shop. We also produce lock picks and tools for a variety of clients.

My spare time is spent teaching myself more and more about physics, and why something is seriously wrong with it. We are only now beginning to flirt with the idea that faster than light (or FTL) travel may be possible. No matter what form this takes, it IS possible, and it must be acheived by us. I have been spending my meager time and abilities awaiting the muse that may guide myself, or others more suited to this task to accomplish this possible, but difficult and necessary dream. As much as it is my hobby, it is also my passion.

My dream is not as grandious as to pilot a star ship, but merely to live long enough to see the defining breakthrough that proves once and for all that FTL travel IS possible, and that we can travel amidst the stars.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I firmly believe that we are not alone in this galaxy, let alone this universe. I can't imagine nature or even God wasting that much space. We are NOT alone, the sooner we, as a species, realize that we are players in a vast design, the sooner we will come closer together to explore that design.

There is nothing beyond the capability of the human imagination, and that includes space exploration, and interaction with extra-terrestrial life forms.

Assume for a moment that we are the oldest sentient, tool making species in this galaxy. That means that it falls to us to develop ourselves to show others the way. If on the other hand, we are not the oldest, or the most advanced, then our position in the galaxy can only be strengthened by learning to work together and improve ourselves.

The greatest scientific AND diplomatic discovery of all human experience. Definative proof that we are not alone.
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