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Hi,... I'm Over & Out!
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Question: What could potentially be the most important discovery in the history of humanity?

Proposition: The cosmos on the grandest scale, as we know, are made of clusters of galaxies strewn like sea froth; whorls and smudges of light representing over four hundred billion stars and we only have two worse probabilities.

1. There is intelligent life in the universe but they're so far away we will never contact in our lifetime.
2. We make a contact with an intelligent life from outerspace and find that it is ... unfriendly!

Hint: "He raises an eyebrow. Ellie smiles, then steps into the airlock. They face each other. Hadden pauses before closing it.

One more thing, Doctor. If you do
meet these Vegans...? Ask them if
we have to die." - Contact


News Updates: We Are not your FOOD!
by: Over & Out (aka. O&O), Dec. 16, 2122

Planet Earth holds the intergalactic identity of the "Square Planet" and that is due to the misinterpretation, made by the Tashninies, of the SOS Morse codes we sent into space in 1938.

Officials indicated that the extraterrestrial Alien ship in S7 zone-8 slowed down its speed and for no obvious reasons came to complete halt at 1852 hours yesterday. "Despite of the AUC alert signals we kept on transmitting to the alien ship, we received no friendly response", said the officials.

Decoding the conversation which took place in the alien's cockpit revealed the repetition of the word "Meat" 43 times. The word "Meat" is used by Orfolei and Weddileiis alien nations when they refer to food. "There were no doubts that the aliens on board that ship were antagonistic", said the officials.

The last decoded conversation from the alien ship "Ah! look at that sweet hydrogen core cluster intelligence in a class nine star G445 zone", was referring to our Hydromagnatic "YouAreDeadMeat" Phaser Beam (HPB142) which was released at 1857 hour toward the alien ship from our WDF-3A92 base located on Mercury's (the god of commerce) north pole. " 5C seconds is enough for our defense system to erase not only a minute alien ship in S7, but it can vaporizes the entire Andromeda cluster", said the officials.

In accordance to Intergalactic Alien Registration Act of 2111 which declares that aliens over 14 earth-years of age must register each year and aliens who are criminals, paupers, or diseased may be excluded from the country (Our galaxy) or denied entrance by any mean of a lethal force.

The name "Square planet" the Tashninies gave to Earth is due to the fact that they thought the Morse codes we send 300 years ago were nothing but an intelligent mathematical proof of the geometric polygon figure, the Square.

"By giving them a slice of how powerful our defense system is, we hope that we passed a clear and strong message to the alien nations out there that Humans are not victuals", said the ... officials.

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