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"What!.... Is that what the little green men are saying these days, Take me to your therapist?"
----:Quote: Samuel L. Jackson, from the movie Sphere:----

Greetings! I am not a scientist, I am not an Astronomer, I am not a mathamatician.
"What" I hear you ask "am I doing here?"
Im devoting my computer time to a collective of like minded people, who just want to hear that faint glimmer of a hello. Or the loud shout of a greeting, that will come from somewhere someday.
Theorgansation of SETI is not officially funded by and world goverment, and thus they are forced to ask kind-hearted people all over the globe too,
"Spare some CPU time?"
I will gladely answer there call, even tho my machine is just a steam driven of AMD K6 550 processer and 256MB of PC100 RAM.
But soon i'll be able to offer more........

As soon as my finances will allow, my machine is getting upgraded to a dual AMD AThlon XP2400 with 1.5GIG of RAM. and once this has been done my machine will run the SETI programe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Like i said before i am not a guy with a degree, im just a regular 18 year old guy in englan. But im the guy who looks back and says,
"Yeah i did waste my chances of an education."
I used to feel bored in class, but now the thought of learning about physics and maths invigorates me. Only problem is, now its to late.
In class i always wanted to go strait to the hard stuff like quantum theory and superstring or super-masive black hole theory, but with out achiving the qualification in the basics there was never a chance in hell.
I wasted my chnace to make a difference in science, or maths as a profession.
But as long as SETI survives and keeps sending me data, i'll keep crunching for them. And hopefully someday, i'll make a difference.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
"If its only us, then its an aufull waste of space."
----:Quote: jodie foster, from the movie Contact:----

we have already proved that alien life exist's in our own soler system by finding fossolised microganizms on Mars, but we have yet to contact an Aliean species.
Maybe when we o it will be like how it was dipicture in that film contact. where thay send us plans for an intersteller phone system.
Or maybe it will be like in book by Alan Dean Foster and all the aliens will want to do is eat us.
Perhaps like the film independance day?......
Or maybe like the book andromida strain, where they will be little more that crystaline structures.

Or maybe it will be like nothing we have ever read, seen or dreamed about. Which ever form they apear in im sure we will expend them the hand of friendship first. and then let intersteller polotics take over is that dont work.
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