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Eclectic, openminded, curious.

Not very smart with the sciences, but always looking up and wondering..."What if...?"

I live in Olympia, WA. I'm 31 years old, married, with a lovely daughter.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. Yes, I believe that ETs exist. How could they not? We are here...and if we are, then the possibility of others is just as great. How could we be so...earthcentric as to believe we are the only ones that exist? We can't. I don't believe we are.

I think we will either discover them by accident, or we will not "discover" them at all, but when they are ready for us to know, they will make the first gesture.

Possible benefits and dangers. There are so many that come to mind. Assuming that these ETs are technically advanced, think of the cures for deadly diseases, think of the help they could offer us, think of the education we could learn. However, just as we are not the peaceful race we would like to believe we are, perhaps they out there are not either.

2. I believe that we should indeed transmit a beacon for others to find. How could we not? I could see the reasons why we should not. We do not deserve to know. We are too dangerous, too violent of people as a whole...but we cannot allow a handful of people to represent us as a whole. We must extend our hand out first, offering our good faith in exchange for theirs. To introduce ourselves to the "neighborhood", so to speak...especially now that we can. We should offer an electronic handshake, offering a greeting, an introduction of -ALL- Earth people, all religions, all ages. Not so much an invitation...more of an ice breaker to future conversations.

3. I run SETI@Home because I want to do my part in helping. I've always wondered who else was out there in the great cosmic neighborhood and even though perhaps not in my lifetime, I hope that one day our handshake will be reciprocated. I LOVE SETI and am awed and respectful of the mission, the goals, and the drive behind it.

The only suggestion I would have, despite my knowing the difficulties, would be to find a way for us "home users" to be able to hear the sounds our computers are analyzing. I would -LOVE- to hear it.

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