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Base Commander Nick Fury, SGC - CO, SHIELD.
(OK, so it's not REALLY me, but what do you want - sugar frosting? Anyway, Fury's a lot more interesting than I really am, so live with it...)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
The way I see it, people are lonely... Not just the sort of loneliness you feel when you're all on your lonesome with nobody to talk to, but the sort that comes from looking at the night sky and feeling tiny in a huge universe and wondering if someone out there is looking back and wondering the same thing as you: "Is anyone out there?"

I think there's two ways of looking at it: If some kind of intelligence created the universe, call it what you will, God, fate, whatever - Would it be satisfied with only one kind of life, one ecosystem, one planet? Doubtful - the Earth teems with life in more varieties than any one person could imagine, so why should the universe be any different? Wouldn't a deity who created a race blessed with free will and the thirst for knowledge also have created other forms, other ways of living, other biospheres? It's a big universe, vaster than we can imagine and there's room enough and more for any kind of life that a god with time and imagination can create. The methane breathers, the deep thinkers, the great artisans, are all out there somewhere, maybe even in forms we can't even conceive, because God wouldn't be content with just the one planet, just the one cycle of life...

Or perhaps you favour the scientific approach - life arose as a fluke, a chance combining of elements, a roll of the cosmic dice? Even then, why just once, in the specific circumstances that created the human race and our world? Terry Pratchett wrote 'million to one chances happen nine times out of ten...' and it's a pretty good analogy for life. To believe that we're alone in the universe is to deny the chance that the accident that created us could happen anywhere else, to blinker ourselves to the possibility of neighbours out there, beings who live and love and wonder just as we do. And that's more than the arrogance of our race, it's a denial of the basic laws of science and the very essence of life.

Yes, I believe there's life out there, I HAVE to... Who wants to be THAT lonely?
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