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Semi-Retired, and living in Florida. Always interested in space related matters.

No... My name is not Clyde. I have always named my Desktops CLYDE and my Laptops CLYDEE.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Does intelligent, capable of introspection, extraterrestrial life exist? Possibly not.

Despite the vast universe - and vast time - is a stable planet, orbiting a stable star, in a stable part of a galaxy usual? (I disregard 'Drake's Equation' as mere number playing.) Does one need exact combinations of chemicals, combining in exact order, to produce life? If Mars does not have/never had life, what does that mean?

If life starts, does one need tides, produced by a 'Double Planet' (IE Earth/Moon) in order to have creatures evolving in a liquid, transfer to land?

Our 'Double Planet' also stabilizes the Earth's rotation (less wobble), and results in fewer, and less dramatic climate changes. This is also necessay to complete evolutionary processes. Are 'Double Planets', with the correct type star, correct distance from the star, correct constancy, etc., abundant?

This leads to a more interesting question.

If life is abundant in the Universe, why would there be an intelligent creature on another planet? I would not include dolphin type, nor non-human ape type creatures. Neither has the capability to advance beyond their environment. If you have perfect conditions: Why would natural selection produce such a creature?

Despite my reservations, I love this attempt.
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