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MY name is Charles, I'm a Philadelphian living in N.J. I am 65, too soon old,too late wise. AARP all the way! ha ha ha

Amateur Radio, Computing, and now Boincing are my hobbies.
I am a Private Pilot, and I worked as an Aircraft Electrician,an Electronic Component Test Technician, and a Computer Operator. Now I've put all that experience together and am working in VideoGraphics using a lot of cool Computer software and hardware.

I was an Aircraft Electrician in the USAF for 8 years working mostly on EC-121 Connies, but then B-52's and KC-135 tankers. If you were a BATCAT in the 553rd, say hello.

Updated 04 December 2009
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
The existence of ET is one of the basic questions humankind would like answered. I thrilled at the opportunity to take part in SETI the moment I read about it. The project is well worth having and should be funded better. Thank goodness for those like Paul Allen who also think so.

Does ET exist? Since life on Earth seems to have developed first in Africa and then spread by need and want in long migrations(Dr Spencer Wells is tracing the origin of humans from Africa to the rest of the planet using DNA markers),is that the way life will spread or is spreading throughout the solar system,the galaxy,the Cosmos?

I dedicate the unused cycles of my (former PII 333)new Dell Centrino 1.4 gig to help find the answer to the questions which confound mankind. More practical than venturing off in 'spaceships' to find ET, radio and/or laser signals should be used. The only practical way for any ET to come here(as far as we can know) or for us to go there will be to use 'faster than light travel' if it is ever developed. Einstein thought about 'traveling on a beam of light', but until that mode is developed, we will have to go with what we have. I'd hate to leave this life without having heard the answers to those questions which most stimulate the thougts of mankind.

Benefits and Dangers? As long as ET doesn't want to serve us for dinner, we might get along just fine.

SETI is a terrific project. I hope this Boinc-ing will be a big step toward answering one of the two most intriguing questions we face as human beings. The other question every one of us will eventually be able to answer. Or not.
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