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My name is Dean West. I am an Armed Courier in Fairbanks, Alaska (the guy who you see delivering bags of cash or filling the ATMs!) I am also the State Coordinator for the Fully Informed Jury Association, Alaska.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. I think it exists. I don't think that any of them came all this way just to probe Farmer Bob's wife though. I don't think they are here at all, though if they ever came, they'd probably just ignore us while they mined the solar system. The danger would be to our pride if we weren't worth visiting or destroying!

2. Sure. But it may be crucial. The debate over Fermi's Paradox seems to rest on the assumption that there has been time for other civilizations to rise. Maybe that's true. But no matter how long it takes life and civilization to arise, it is a given that someone has to do it "first". Not necessarily for any particular reason, but somewhere it will happen first. What if we are the first? I know, I know, it sounds like the Medieval "Earth is the center of the Universe", but really, someone DOES have to be first. Whoever it is will think the idea is as silly as we do, but nevertheless, someone still has to be first. It could be us. If so, we had best transmit, so that those next in line have something to "listen" to when they catch up.

3. I think it would be cool to actually discover "the" signal. I doubt it would have anything special in it, like in the movie "Contact", but it would have many philosophical and theological ramifications. And it might give a boost to our space program, certainly it needs it. I don't know about the rest of you, but I remember many years ago we landed on the moon. There are people old enough to run for the Senate now, who were born after our last journey there. I find America is behaving rather oddly on this matter - it is as if when Europeans discovered America and then decided, "Nothing much there, let's stay home."

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