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Hi, I'm from Germany, grown up in the golden age of C64 and Amiga, now a software developer (Java, Internet) and I'm a vegan (i.e. I don't eat and consume anything from animals).
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do you run SETI@home?

as perhaps most of us, i run it because it's cool to actually be part of a deeper search for aliens! :-] i like the easy installation and running of the client software, the support for many different platforms (operating systems) and the almost problem free transmissions and processing. later, i joined some other @home projects and all of them didn't work as good or didn't work at all. good switch is the proxy setting!

although many people think it's waste of processing power, i think it's a valuable contribution to the evolution of mankind. the sooner we find answers to such questions as 'are there any other beings out there?', 'are we the only intelligent species in the whole universe?', the sooner we start thinking in another way. i think, in a more peaceful way. and even if some people are afraid of 'competition' from other planets, it will help mankind coming closer together.

many adopters of the @home idea (distributed computing power) argue that it's more worthwhile helping other projects e.g.

Thoughts about SETI
i guess, there are thousands (if not more) of similar worlds to earth in the univers. we just have a clue of the universe. a few years ago, the hubble telescope discovered a lot more galaxies out in the black. once, we start visiting Mars (with humans), we will discover much more, using mars as an outer observatory. and automatic robots will soon (speaking of tens and hundreds of years) explore our galaxy, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri and much much more. it's just the beginning ...

if we don't destroy ourself, we will get in contact with them - sooner or later. the benefits are the same as we get in contact with other people on earth - of course just a little sranger. ;-) the only danger i see is not being peaceful. it's just the same as on earth. history shows it, it repeats over and over. if we hate each other, we will fight each other. if we hate the aliens, we will destroy them or they will destroy us. peace is the only way to go.
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