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Hi, I'm a 21 year old guy from Jersey (which is a small (45 square mile) island part of the Channel Islands between England and France, in the English Channel, hence the name). I have lived in Jersey all my life, so far.

I like computers, and technology in general, cycling (peddle/push bike, not motorbike), taking things apart to find out how they work, science, films, music, meeting people online.

I am very interested in everything BOINC, I have been with SETI@home from very early on and believe in the philosiphy of helping each other out for the betterment of all :)

Contact me by mail: "lee [dot] beauregard [at] localdial [dot] com" or contact me via MSN Messenger: "leecarre [at] hotmail [dot] com" preferably telling me who you are (just a note to say "from SETI@home" will do)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think SETI@home is a great, ingenious idea, (as explained on the web site) is there any better way to use all those idol computers than to get them to process some very worthy scientific data. SETI may not find anything, but at least it's a start, because the last time I checked, we still don't know if there's other life out there or not.

I think it's great that BOINC projects are putting science back into peoples lives, it seems to have been lost in recent years, after all, why invent the lightbulb when candles will do? Because for a little bit of effort in the grand scheme of things, you get a lot of return.

Regarding the depth of processing of data, my own personal view is that we should process it as much as possible (within reason), because we want as much chance as possible to detect ET and freiends, also as a consequential benifit there will be less load on the servers due to work units taking longer, especially as home computers are becomming ever faster and faster.

Does it really matter how long it takes just get the best science results you can from the millions of clients out there - after reading the reasons issueing new apps in the past, i thought if you had to include greater processing depth to slow the feedback of results from clients then program the client software to do an some ultra-anlysis of data to make sure that ET isn't passed by due to insufficient processing of the data, because it's most likely that the signal will be very faint and it needs to be sifted out as much as possible, for all we know, ET could be the other side of the galaxy, and is aware that we exist, and has been trying to send signals for some time, but because we missed the signal, we still don't know.
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