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Personal background
Currently, I'm a Strategic Support Engineer
for Sun Microsystems in the Netherlands.
I live in Almere-Haven ( Haven means harbour )
in my brand-new apartment with a great view across a lake
and (from the balcony) up at the stars as well.
I got in my job by being nuts about computers, my main hobby,
ever since I got my first one at age 13.
Apart from that I like sailing, reading science-fiction novels
and occasionaly I go out for a short trip on my bike.
I also like listening to music, preferably anything with good
guitar-playing. I dabble in playing the guitar myself, now and then,
but so far it's been nothing serious.

My field of study was physics, where I first learnt
about number-crunching with computers.
Although I never got my degree, I still try to stay
up-to-date on current developments in physics and astronomy.

My main interest at work is in clustered systems, so from
that point of view , Seti@Home is VERY interesting to me !
Depending on definition, you could consider the project
to be the largest cluster in the world !
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Ever since I first thought about it, I've been convinced
we humans are not the only intelligent life in this universe.
Thinking we are is just too arrogant in my book, there must
be other ways of living , out there ...
One of my favorite movie quotes ( from "Contact" )
"If we were alone in the universe,
that'd be an awful waste of space !"

So when I first heard about Seti@Home , I just had to be
involved as much as I could. I just missed the first public beta,
but ever since Seti@Home went public, I've been contributing.

Just think about if we actually find something.
We definitely should try to find a way to communicate
if we discover other life-forms.
Think of what we could learn, about them,
ourselves , ways of traveling in space, of living,
new discoveries in science ?

That chance would be a tough one to miss so
that's why I believe in Seti@Home and will keep contributing.

Just keep watching the skies, guys !
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