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I'm 30-something and from Burbank, CA. My hobbies include just about anything...but they mainly revolve around things that are shiny and have blinking lights.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do you run SETI@home?
I run SETI@home for several reasons...first, because I can. Second, I want something that can put all my computers to good use. Third, I enjoy taking a part in hands-on science. Finally and most importantly, the Search for Exraterrestrial Intelligence is the grandest and the most important quest in the history of our world. To exchange knowledge with another civilization will provide us with answers to the oldest questions we can remember. It will provide us with proof that we're not alone and it will give us a reason to put aside our differences and work together to move out among the stars.

Thoughts about ETI
I believe that ETs are definately out there. The reasoning is simple, because we're here. The universe is a huge place, and becoming larger with every passing second. To think that we are the only life in this massive reality is extremely closed-minded. If we can evolve here, it's simple logic to assume that life can evolve elsewhere. After all, there's plenty of room.

I do not know how long it will take for us to discover proof of ET. To find proof of simple life in the universe may take only a few decades (long enough for us to land on Mars and send probes to Europa). To find proof of intelligent life, however, may take centuries. There are too many variables involved with making an educated guess, but regardless of the exact amount of time, sooner or later, we will find them.

The benefits of discovering ET are many. We may gain knowledge from them, we may put aside our differences and work for a common good, and we may finally realize that we're part of nature, not above it.
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