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I work as a hardware/software tech for a large cumputer company. I'm 33 and single. Love animals and have a 9 year old Australian Shepard. I dabble in robotics in my free time and can often be found roaming around in a Mud somewhere.
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I have always thought that there was life elsewhere. As I grow older I hear about more and more intersting and NEW lifeforms we are finding here on earth. Recently, I understand, a non-carbon based critter was found. WOW! A whole new possible set of lifeforms that may be out there.
What form will they take? well..I.m kind of inclined to think water dwelling "creatures". Our early history shows millions of years where almost all life on earth lived in water (after having IMO started there.) It seems to me that the move to land was a drastic genetic and evolutionary mutation. One that was contrary to all traits that had, up till that time, been those best suited to keep it alive in the water. If Life exists on other planets then is should be reasonable to assume that conditions on that planet may have been similar to those here on earth at that point in our history and thus have similar beginnings. If one of the many things that happened here to cause, or even to prefer and make necessary in the new environment, the changes that happened it is feasable that human life may never have occured. This would not rule out intelligent waterlife but as such would exhibit this intelligence differently than bipeds. Dolphins make a reasonable example. They are not capable of using a hammer. They will never pilot the space shuttle. They evolved in a way and in an environment that made such actions impossible and not necessary and in a way that enabled them to thrive in their aqueus environment and because they never experienced the correct conditions and mutations that would allow them to come on land they stay there.
It is my opinion that the majority of life never made it to land, plantlife aside.
All of this does not discourage me from thinking that civilizations exist that shared a common evolutionary path with us. Civilizations that are wondering if they too are alone in the universe. Civilizations that are searching the sky, looking for evidence, a signal, some sign that they are not alone.
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