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Well, I'm just another space enthusiast, old Star Trek fan (not a 'treckie' or 'trecker'; I have NO idea what todays date is in stardate, just LOVED the show, and ideals involved...), if you can call me old, at just 32 years (Yeah, Earth years, heh, heh...). I'm into astrophotography, although I haven't been able to afford a good telescope to hook up my camera, I'm holding out for a nice 8" schmidtt-cassegrain. I do however take many shots of the northern lights, comets, the moon, planets, etc... I've been long-haul trucking for the last 4 years, and am going back to school to become an automated systems tech. I think I'll enjoy that much more! I really miss playing with computers an' such.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Oh, definately, life exists outside our own lil' corner, as to when an' if we'll ever discover it, I cannot say. Speaking of dangers, I do have one thought, why do so many think that alien life forms would be friendly? If life evolves on another planet in a similar fashion to here, then 'natural selection', and 'the strong/ruthless/more intelligent/resourceful beat the heck outa the lesser', then wouldn't they be more likely to continue this ideal? After all, just take a look at what people today call 'civilization'. If I were an ousider looking in, I think I might try my best to avoid the place. And even if they figured out that co-operation was in the best interest for their race (similar to HUMAN race, so many seem get that race thing sadly confused these days), then I would be certain to aviod such an immature 'civilization' as what humans have on Earth. But, don't get me wrong, I do have hope for the future, and realize that that future starts with YOU and ME, TODAY. That's one reason I run SETI@Home, maybe there's others out there, struggling like us, or who used to struggle like us. Mostly, it's just that time old quest for knowledge, that burning desire to learn of my environment, trying to keep my eyes open large enough to see farther than the tip of my nose. After all, the more people understand, the more they can manipulate, to the benefit of themselves, and their surroundings, and maybe even learn to someday become Gods themselves...
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