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Personal background
I was born in 1968, sharing a birthday with M.C. Escher, Barry Manilow and Dean Martin. Why that's important is anyone's guess.

I live on a small, sub-tropical island, at approximately 24 degrees north latitude, merely 90 miles from Cuba.

Here, on this eight-square-mile island, I indulge my passions of writing and zymurgy. For fun, I rescue and rehabilitate abused parrots. I also put in as much time as possible underwater. Other hobbies include travelling the third world (53 countries visited and counting), gourmet cuisine, and hanging out at my favorite establishment, the Green Parrot Bar.

Having once dreamt of a career of world domination, I have since mellowed considerably. Now my main goals are winning the Nobel Prize for Liturature, the Pulitzer Prize for Best Columnist and creating an India Pale Ale that everyone on the planet wants to try (including the ladies of the Christian Temperance Union).

I strongly support the SETI@home project, mainly because it's my best shot for sharing a Nobel Prize in a scientific field. This would allow me to meet Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, who is quite a luscious babe. I suspect that is the main reason people enter scientific fields -- the chance at a Nobel Prize and a dance with a Swedish Princess. But I digress.

The above doodle is an incredible likeness of me. I wish I could credit the artist, but I forgot who sent it to me. The only problem is I am depicted wearing a tie. I never wear ties. Ties don't work with hawaiian shirts. I didn't even wear a tie at my wedding ceremony.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I'm hoping concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life is found in my lifetime. Such proof would absolutely freak out religious extremists worldwide. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Jerry Falwell try to explain how the civilization at Alpha Cetus is populated by heathens.

I doubt seriously that finding ET would end or even reduce world problems. Look at the whack-jobs who pester Buzz Aldrin about whether he really went to the moon or not. Some people would refuse to believe the evidence, even if a group of ETs landed in their backyard, formed a conga line, and danced to the music of the Village People.

I'm unsure if we should transmit a beacon for ET to find. Until we have found other civilizations, we have no idea if they are hostile or not. We assume that any beings capable of FTL travel will be benign. We could be disasterously wrong. If we do transmit anything, it should be music -- preferably classic blues, R&B, funk and surf rock.

This would accomplish two things. First, ET would realize our culture has soul. ("It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing," is likely a galactic axiom.) And secondly, if ET turns out to be hostile, we can sic RIAA lawyers on them for downloading Dick Dale and the Deltones off "SETIster." No hostile ET society could possibly cope with RIAA lawyers. Heck, they're currently suing "evildoing" 12-year old girls.
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