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My name is Ben, I am 19, and I am currently attending collage to pursue an associate degree in computer networking. My hobbies are R/C Airplanes, model rockets, SCUBA diving, and armature radio, and stunt kites, and of course, snowboarding (even though we have not had a good snow storm here for 6 years, but “We are going to have significant snow fall this year.” Heard that before. When I am not using my laptop for games such as NASCAR Racing 2002, Flight Simulator 2004, or Need for speed Porsche Unleashed, Berkeley is. Ya, that's right, my laptop is bustin out these units. When I am not doing homework or playing games, I am either making replica light sabers or watching the SCI-FI channel. My favorite TV shows are Star Gate SG:1 and Star Trek TNG. My favorite movies are the ones that are thought provoking and that you have to watch about 10 times to entirely understand. Oh, did I mention I am also a fan of Star Wars.
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Unlike most members here, I believe our planet is alone in the universe. I realize that "If we are alone, it would be a terrible waste of space,” but I have not seen any convincing evidence that life outside of our own planet exists, however, I am open minded to all new ideas. So you are probably asking yourself "why am I running SETI?" The answer is very simple. Just because I don't believe that aliens do exist, doesn't mean I can't look for them. I don't even have to do anything to find them; my computer does it for me. What's the difference, I am not using my computer right now anyway. Personally, I am disappointed in our own space exploration program, and I was hoping that I would have the chance to travel into space, but it doesn't look like that is happening anytime soon. But don't worry, someday, I will travel to space, and I hope it is not because the earth is no longer here. As for the government covering up UFO encounters in Klecksberg and Roswell, we may never know if it was something extraterrestrial, or just a weather balloon and some swamp gas. Should we send a signal??? We have been sending weak radio and TV signals for many years, and probably have already been pestering some little annoyed alien planet with RF interference anyway. If we do send signals, they won't reach even the nearest stars for millions of years, so we most likely won't be here to find out about it anyways. If they told us, they would have to shoot us. If aliens do exist (and not the ones from Cuba), there would be a lot we could learn from each other. If ET flew all the way over here, I don't think it would be just to kill us. If they flew all the way over here, they are obviously smarter than we are, so there is probably something we could learn (Other dimensions, wormholes, levitation, telepathy, or even how to make "memory metal."
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