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Mmmmmm, never to good at this but here goes......37, musician. GSOH (this is sounding like a dating ad ;-) Currently playing with cult guitar player Tony Hill from High Tide. I've got myself involved with building web sites for other local bands in my area of East London (uk) but it's now getting a bit to much :-). Might have to start charging.

Qualified photographer. Again, mostly music based such as live performance and promo stuff. I do a few album/CD covers which is a bit different.

I always had an interest with subjects of the unknown, be it something the size of the universe to the properties of light, to the mysteries and apperent anomolies of Humankind. So I guess i've got a good healthy view of most things.

So, what got me into SETI. I've always been into the unknown and all thing 'up there'. Started off with my Mother buying all the Time Life books and it was always the one entitled 'The Universe' that I kept going back to and reading. It just facinated me. I guess from an early age, maybe 8-9, that I had some sort of grasp of the science and scale of the cosmos as I don't remember it ever freaking me out (that's about the best way to put it.)

Oh yeah, Long hair, Brown eyes, 5'10", slim blah blah blah
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Life in the far reaches of space. Yes. But I don't think for one minute they come here. I have always believed that to cross a pathetic amount of space would take time of staggering lenght to travel not very far (please bear in mind that i'm a lay-man with this and not a Prof.). Physics as far as I know are laws. If these laws can't be broken then even if we could reach light speed it's still going to take...........a long time to travelfrom one side of our own galaxy to the other. And that's only the Milky Way. But life on other planets. There must be. I have heard a quote saying that there is more galaxies than there is grains of sand on the entire planet earth. Now that is a lot of galaxies. Life ! I would of thought so. If life is going to be found in the vastness of space, I think by radio signal from an unknow source will be the way. Binary code is another. Or both !

If we find life, I guess it should make us realise that that theres more to our life than just our little blue planet. 2 planets with life, 4 planets with life, 16 planets with life, 256 planets, 526,336 planets and so on. Got to be.

I run SETI because I would love to be an allbeit small part in the discovery when it comes. And how wonderful that day will be.
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