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I am from Orange County California. I have been a Sci-Fi fan since I read my first Sci-Fi book my brother gave me as a kid. I am currently 45 years old! I use any spare PC I can to crunch SETI numbers, as I believe with all the billions and billions of galaxies in the universe we are not the only intelligent life forms. Though a civilization would have to be many years more advanced then us, or dead, to have a signal travel so far, it is still a possibility. As long as that possibility exists I'll be crunching numbers!

Well it has been many years since I started crunching numbers for Seti@Home and I am still at it. I have since moved from my home state of California to New Mexico, and I now work for Lea County Communication Authority. I still believe we will find something in this project eventually and with my whole heart.

I hope everyone continues to support this project, as I think it is an important part of our nature to dream of the unknown.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I do believe intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe. Even though the distances are enormous I still believe in my harts hart that humanity cannot be the only intelligent life to have evolved in this enormous universe. It is simply to vast with too many galaxies/stars/solar systems to not contain more.

Do I believe we will ever communicate with another advanced life? Not for many, many, many 1000's of years unless they come and talk to us. Even with light speed travel it would be 1000's of years for us to travel around the nearest stars and life from them is not likely as we would already have detected signals or one would hope we would. But I do hope there is life that close and I hope seti finds it if it exists.

The dangers and benefits of alien life and the detection of it? That is a tuffy. Do I think it will change our world drastically? Yes and No. Yes I think it would change the way many people look at the universe, esp. religious people. Religion doesn't jive well with the thought of there being other intelligent life in the universe and they would take it the hardest. The nice thing about religion, on the other hand, is it's ability to adjust to most situations. So in the long run I think it would adapt and so would it's followers.

On the other hand, no I do not think that a discovery of intelligent life outside of our planet to most of the people of our world. It's would be a huge finding, for sure. People would talk about it forever, but would it change our way of life? our day to day actions? Not terrible as it would take many years to do anything about the discovery.

Do I think humans should transmit a beacon for other intelligent life to find? ABSOLUTELY! And for many reasons. Transmitting data into the universe is humanities best way of, and I will put this bluntly, immortality. If we send a single strong enough and long enough and broad enough to hit a large number of solar systems or galaxies then even if the human race dies out our legacy will travel forever.
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