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Kevin from NH, likes to read, ski, take long walks on the beach... oh, wait, wrong type of profile. That last bit's a lie, anyway, I'm not gonna waste beach time walking when I can read and ogle the pretty gals (unless, y'know, there aren't any pretty gals nearby, then I might walk... yeah, uh... gonna shut up now)
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Basically, I run SETI@home because, as I read in another profile, "an idle computer is a wasted computer." Since my computer is on all the time anyway, might as well put its newly-installed RAM to use crunching stuff! (Mmm, crunchy stuff...) (Though I've run this, off and on, for several years now, on a multitude of computers. But that's beside the point!) And as for why SETI and not some other project... while many of the ones I've looked at have laudable goals, looking for alien signals is one I can *believe* in. Plus, how cool would it be to be the guy whose computer found the message? *g*

Aliens are out there. That's as close to fact as something can get without having somebody with 4 arms pop up and wave hello. Space is just too entirely vast for there *not* to be. And, while trade and physical contact may not be a possibility anytime soon... knowledge and electronic contact *is*. We've been beaming out TV signals for what, 80 years? There're TONS of stars within a 40 lightyear radius that could easily have stumbled across *our* signals and replied, a reply which is shooting this way RIGHT NOW. Or even transmissions that were just so much electromagnetic leakage bleeding out as they aired endless reruns of "I Love Ytrlaicy" ("Ytrlaicy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" "Oh, Blrdoicky!"). And every little bit of processing power helps with that. So, have at it, SETI, process away!
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