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I am 30 years old and live in the United Kingdom. I have been a Science-Fiction fan for a long time and I am also very interested in science, (astro)physics and astronomy. I am a Trekker - a Star Trek fan - as well and as such and due to the fact that the universe is so extremely vast I don't believe we are alone.

I currently work as IT Engineer, helpdesk manger and Microsoft Technology Specialist for a Microsoft Gold Partner networking company providing support and computer solutions on all Microsoft Windows related issues and Small Business Server, as well as hardware, network and security consultancy for businesses and private clients.

Despite the fact that I enjoy my work most of the time you cannot just simply do what you want these days, but you can dream. And that is in a way also what the SETI project is about. The probability to actually find extra terestrial life is - as far as I am concerned - something inevitable. What this life is going to be like is another matter. Whether it is humanoid, insectoid or maybe even anorganic. It will change the way we perceive our existence. And change we need...

I have read something once: "What doesn't exist we must sometimes dream and let our dreams inspire us to greater heights". I couldn't agree more. I do not look at things that exist and ask "why?", I look at things that do not exist and ask "why not?". That is what mankind should be about from my point of view. And no matter what color our skin is and no matter what language we all speak and how much pathetic bickering goes on in the world, we all have one thing in common: Curiosity.

And that is what makes the SETI project such a success.

"Live Long And Prosper".
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I do believe extra terestrial life exists. In what form this life exists is pure speculation. It could be humans similar to us. It could be insect like lifeforms. It could be lifeforms that require completely different environmental conditions compared to us, it could even be anorganic life. Who knows. As a Trekker I obviously have a certain date in mind for a first contact situation. 5th April 2063. But if that is the date or any other is not important.

What we all should do is keep an open mind. We should stop judging people based on our limited perceptions, political/religous beliefs. We should stop bickering about pointless and obsolete issues. Unfortunately I suppose precisely our current state of underdevelopment would be what would stop any kind of extraterrestial species (if more advanced - or similarly advanced, but with more common sense :P - than us) in their right minds to make first contact. As much as I regret it, we are not ready.

I run SETI@home, because I want to help. I enjoy it, because I feel that at least the majority of people running SETI@Home are not clouded by irgnorance, but rather people, who are open minded and look into the future, maybe to better themselves and humanity and learn from previous mistakes.

People, that know, that we are far away from the final frontier...
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