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Michael D. Setzer II

Computer Science Instructor

Guam Community College

Currently 41 years old, born in York, PA, but living on Guam
since 1974.

Member of the Guam Teachers Group:
Home page at
with mostly graphs of various statistics on the seti group
and another from the college. Track the various users in the
group. At one point had a large number of lab machines running
the program, but had our MIS department blame seti for traffic,
even thou real data showed that it had nothing to do with seti.
Hoping to get seti and other things back into our control soon.

Have been teaching at the College for about 18 years, and have been working
with computers since High School in the mid 70s. Started with an IBM 1130
computer with 4K of real core memory, and punch cards. Teach
Programming Languages, Operations, and Networking.

Currently have 3 machines at home running seti

A Caldera Linux 2.4 machine on a 350Mhz AMD K6-2 with 128MB Ram

A Windows 95 machine on a 500Mhz K6-2 with 128MB of Ram

A Windows 98 machine with a 900Mhz Athlon with 256MB of Ram

Member of Planetary Society and IEEE.

My Email signature:

Michael D. Setzer II - Computer Science Instructor

Guam Community College Computer Center

Guam - Where America's Day Begins

Number of Seti Units Returned: 9,348

Processing time: 20 years, 237 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes

(Total Hours: 180,907)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I've always been a fan of Science, but think their must be a lot more out there.
From the movie Contact, it would seem to be a big waste of space if we are all
there is. I am of the opinion that God create a set of physical laws the control
the Universe, and for the most part allows them to work there way. Similar to
how Scientist do experiments in controlled group.

I don't know how long it will take to find anything, but just looking is
interesting, and well worth the time. I've got my machines running full-time.
I use SetiSpy, Setimonitor and TKSeti to keep track of things, and keep logs in my
Quattro Pro Spread sheets to monitor the groups.

I would hope that any interaction with other cultures would benifit mankind.

I think it would be a good ideal to send a signal, since hopefully their are
others out their listening for signals from us. It doesn't do much good if
everyone is listening, or if eveyone is transmitting.

I think it is a great project, and have made donations to the planetary
society for a couple of projects, and find their magazine very informative
on what is going on. I would recommend that others look into at least joining.

I'd like to see more versions of the seti program optimized for the various
machines. My Athlon runs faster, but I'll bet it would be better with an
optimized version for the Athlon chip.
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