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First of all, Hi, and thanks for checking my profile! :-) As You may have found out, I've been a active member for quite a while. The main reason for joining this project, is because I think it's selfish, and arrogant to believe that we are the only intelligent and living beeings in the universe! I am positive that an another intelligence are out there somewhere, and I want to participate in this to maybe be one of many to discover them.
The other reason, is that my computer works as a multimedia server, gaming computer, and plenty of other things a computer can do, and therefore have to be online 24/7. During this time, it just stands there with nothing to do, so it would be a shame not to get something to chew on, and so I signed up!

About myself:
My Name is Kent Morten as You probably have noticed. I'm closing fast to 30 years of age (in May), and I'm employed at 2 places. One (fulltime) as a Terminal Worker at Schenker AS in Drammen, and one (parttime) as a electronictechnichian at EikerAudio.
My hobbies are computertechnics (my passion!), electronics, travelling, diving and music. I first found the interest in computers in the age of 11, and began to learn by myself when I was 13, and from there, it has been my passion ever since. I am also very interested in paranormal phenomenon, espesially regarding hauntings and ghosts, and have done some research on my own.

When I'm not at work or in front of the comp. (Yes, I am a computer nerd, but I am a social nerd who also want to get out! :-) ), I like diving. I haven't been diving so much, but since the earths surface contains 75% water, I still got a lot to do! :-p. My best dives ever was in Egypt! Absolutly fantastic! It's like diving in a huge aquarium with lots and lots of different fishes! Another reason that I like to dive, is because I love the feeling of beeing weightless! I can imagine that it must feel like living in space!
When I just want to relax, I have to cats to accompany me! Monty and Bianco (she and he). They love to lay between my feets or on my stommack when I'm stretching the couch and watching movies! Very sweet and obidiant too! :-)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Well, as mentioned above, You allready know the reasons for why I'm in this project. I think the mothod and idea of how anyone can participate and contribute to search for ET life is genious! Why should a small group of scientists- and nerds spend millions of dollars in equipment taking millions of years to maybe find nothing at all, when anyone who wants may join in and so be a part of the resuts and maybe findings? Myself, I have also stared at the SETI@home graphics to see how it works and see if I can find some abnormal strong, and regular signals and pulses. I think the way this works and how this enables the people around the world to be a small piece of something enormous, is exciting and, as said before, genious! I hope someday... someday..
What I miss, is a bit more feedback of what our results have returned. I've understood that if You suddenly got lots of credit for a single workunit, then something must have been found or something interesting came up. It would be nice and interesting to maybe see a spectrumanalysis for the completed workunit, or maybe to publish the audio fra a workunit as a WAV/MP3 file for download. For both the best results pr. user and all-times-best result globaly.
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