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I am retired from the US Air Force and now work for the Government as an IT Manager. I have been interested in computers for many years my first computer was an APPLE II and then it grew from their. Today my basement sounds like a server room at many companies I have 10 PC's Connected to a home network and run three servers. Believe it or not I am not a geek lol. I just like the power that a computer can present to accomplish tasks that other wise would take a long time.

I also have my own music studio that I do a lot of creative work on the side for the multimedia company I have. And I like to write currently I have several manuscripts being reviewed. Perhaps some day I will see them published. I also spend time painting it relaxes me and allows me to express my self in many ways.

While in the service I have lived all over the world it was a great experience and I learned a lot about other cultures. But most of all I realized what I have back here in the states I should feel very fortunate about and not take for granted.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
(Do I think Extraterrestrial life Exists) Most definitely. One has just to look at the stars to know that out of all that matter their has got to be another planet that has Inelegant Life on it. The Odds are in its favor.

(How will we find it) Well I feel that SETI is a step in the right direction. But I also feel that we need to look at other transmission possibilities such as Light, Magnetic impulse (other than radio waves) and particle transmission.

(What are the Benefits and Dangers) Well their could be many of both. Once a transmission is received then we must be able to decipher this transmission to try and understand the motive behind it to be able to ascertain the Dangers and Benefits.

(Should humans transmit a beacon) This could be a benefit but could also backfire. Until we have some Idea of what is out their or feel it would be to our advantage we should hold off on a beacon.

(Why do I run SETI@HOME?) It is a natural for humans to be curious and I am as curious as any one else.

(What are my views on the SETI@HOME project) I feel that SETI@HOME should have been started 10 years ago. It is long overdue to get the general public involved in this type of project. It is best run by public donation the Goverment just had too many fingers in the pie when they were funding the project. This should always be considered a World Project.
(Suggestions) I don't have many but it would be nice if SETI would develop a Client to allow its users to maintain a data base on all the packets that are processed and to be able to back track through the packets that have been processed to search for HIGH PEAKS of transmission.
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