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Greetings. I am sending this message from the past Date: 09-09-2002 @ 19:53. If you are reading this, then my message has survived the time trip from my now time to your now time. I wish you well and happiness there in our future. I was born on a small blue planet orbiting a very unremarkable star in a far off arm of a Galaxy we've come to know as the Milky Way. I've managed to make 50+ trips around this small yellowish star so far. I have many interesting hobbies. I like to study languages from my planets distant past. Akkadian (a language spoken and write by our people for nearly 3 millennium) is one of my currently pastimes. It is a totally awesome thing to sit and look at little wedge shaped marks pushed into clay that conveys what someone who lived, loved, and died so very long ago was thinking as they sat and worked stylus to clay. Not so very different from my electronic markings on this computer screen conveyed to your screen for you to contemplate.
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Humans have a very hard time transmitting information from one day to the next. Information from 2 centuries ago is almost NEVER referenced as relevant. Information from 2 or 3 thousand years ago can only be read by a very small handful of people and is viewed as TOTALLY[/b] and completely irrelevant. I find that we have an overwhelming drive to destroy our cultures and civilizations on such a regular bases, that we will have a difficult time of it if and when we every receive communication from so vast a distant and therefore from so very long ago. Perhaps, if we do receive this [b]ULTIMATE communiqué, we will as a planet wake-up from our own self-absorbed, narrow-mined thinking and realize that we can be (for we are not yet) a part of something so much greater than ourselves!
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