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A retired Telecomms and computer IT man that tries to do his bit for Seti and other worthwhile Boinc projects. My BT Retired Team has now passed the magic 1 Billion credit!!!

It's incredible to realise that it's all been around for over 19 years now, from Seti Classic to Boinc, it seems like half a lifetime, and probably does to the lads in the Seti lab!

What initially were on-line friends around the world have now in many cases translated into real life friends, that I have now met, and I'll never be able to thank Seti enough for that. I try to do help by supporting the Seti project, by donating money, or doing Beta testing.

I live in London UK, and regularly visit family and friends in other parts of the country as well, previously Devon and now Wiltshire, Yorks and Lancs. I have also visited Seti people in Western and Eastern USA, and in Bavaria Germany. A trip in the fall of 2016 to Vancouver and Northern BC was absolutely lovely. A return to the USA is rather unlikely, Canada again maybe. Gibraltar is booked for Spring 2018.

I withdrew from posting at Seti in the past for some months for personal protest reasons on two occasions. But the message didn't get across to those that ought to have taken notice. I have now done so permanently from Politics as I was deliberately forced out by a gang of four. (pm me for names). A la the famous biblical town, "Sod 'em and go tomorra!"

Seti is a scientific project that should not be in competition with networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. And the demonstrations fuss at UCB in Spring 2017 should have no bearing on the Seti Project. But sadly Seti shoots itself in the foot. It's local management has decided to protect clearly mentally ill people, that should be in residential care. And to encourage them to live their self destructive lifestyle, by silencing and banning people that try to offer constructive help.

I find this disloyal to Seti Director Eric Korpela that has dedicated nearly 1/2 his professional life to the project, and which is also likely to bring UCB into disrepute. We have nothing less than a benign dictatorship where on the one hand free speech is censored, but on the other hand views are expressed in the politics threads that would not be allowed in the media or press. And reasons for this are closer to home than it should be. Changes need to be made.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
It never ceases to amaze me at the number of people that throw a total brain fart when Seti runs out of work units to send. Now that they have regular 10 hour outages it is Irritating yes, but there are plenty of other BOINC projects that are worthy of being crunched in the meantime, I just marvel at the angst displayed. One Half of the world are starving, the other half are killing each other every day, most are quite happy to slaughter innocent animals for fun, and none of them believe in female equality. Meanwhile Trumps America goes down the drain. But Seti work seems more important to some than any of that, just makes me wonder where some peoples priorities come from.

Life on this earth is so fragile at times, I really do wonder if it can exist elsewhere.... Maybe in the words of DeForest Kelley "It's life Jim, but not as we know it".

And to quote another famous line from the Galaxy Song,

"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space
'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth".

I'd like to find out in the rapidly decreasing time that I have left. I won't I know that, but there's always beer in the fridge .... usually ....

Just remember folks, being a Setizen and crunching is PART of life, it is NOT life itself.
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