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Personal background
After very careful consideration over many months in the Spring of 2018, I have, sadly, decided to stop crunching any more work for Seti@home, for the time being.

I believe that after 17 years of being involved and being active on the forums, and donating substantial money, that I at least owe people an explanation. Yes, some will call it a flounce, hopefully others won't see it that way, as it isn't intended to be, just a reason.

Last year DA wrote a report that said that Seti@home was simply an experiment, and like all experiments, it should have a beginning and an end, and a conclusion. His report said that after 19 years, they hadn't found anything, and were just collecting data and doing nothing with it. In his view the original experiment was over. I have to say that I agree with him. Although he is trying to help by introducing a new back end called Nebula which will use that Einstein Atlas cluster at Hanover, when he sorts out the software for it.

Why haven't we found anything? Many possibilities.

1. There is nothing to find
2. ET doesn't want to be found
3. We are not looking in the right place
4. We aren't looking for the right type of signal
5. Our algorithms aren't up to the task.

Collecting data from different sources and dishes, and different parts of the sky makes no difference, if all we do is chuck the same front end at it. Particularly if as DA concludes, we have no effective back end either.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Seti is a scientific project, and the demonstrations fuss at UCB in Spring 2017 should have no bearing on the Seti Project. But sadly Seti shoots itself in the foot. It's local management has decided to protect clearly mentally ill people, that should be in residential care. And to encourage them to live their self destructive lifestyle, by silencing and banning people that try to offer constructive help.

I find this disloyal to Seti Director Eric Korpela that has dedicated nearly 1/2 his professional life to the project, and which is also likely to bring UCB into disrepute. We have nothing less than a benign dictatorship where on the one hand free speech is censored, but on the other hand views are expressed in the politics threads that would not be allowed in the media or press.

Although I have decided that the project is not for me in the immediate future, I would not discourage any others from supporting it, Over 17 years I can look back and say I did my bit, and more than most. The project goal is still laudable, it is just that the way it is being currently approached needs to be seriously looked at.

I would like to apologise to anyone I have not yet offended. Please be patient. I will get round to you as soon as I can :-))

Last up but not least

"Chris, you are making Proof out of Logic, by just being dubious"

(Claim to fame from Bluestar)
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