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Just another egg-head with too many latent transistors.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Thoughts about SETI:
- Why do you run SETI@home? - Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.

- What are your views about the project?
While I do believe there are other species out there capable of transmitting radio waves, I don't think the current size of our arrays, give us a great change of detection. Even with the full SKA online, it would take us at least a month of continual observation of a single star system, adding up all the signals to spot our own radio bubble from 100 light years away as an example. The SKA will also be shared by lots of other endeavors/teams so 100% of scope time to SETI is not going to happen. Even if it were, we would would not be decoding or watching Alien TV from the 1930's with such a weak signal. But we would know that there are radio emissions that have no natural explanation in that system though. We would also see the Doppler effect of the signal as the alien planet orbited its star.
Our current Tools GBT and Arecibo et al, are too small to easily spot little green men whizzing around the sky. Sad face. We have been looking for a few decades now, so apparently, nobody is trying very hard to get our attention at the moment, or the equipment isn't sensitive enough.
We need bigger arrays like the SKA 2.0 on steroids and beyond if we want a serious shot at detecting alien transmissions, plus the computing power to sift through all the data. An excellent video on this subject from PBS SpaceTime:

Seth Shostak of SETI and others have suggested that we will find them in maybe as little as 25 years as seen in this article:

I think it is possible in 50 years given how slow the SKA is coming online and the funding uncertainties of Arecibo with NSF pulling funding. We need more National Funding, not less. If we devoted 2% of the Pentagon's Annual budget to this endeavor since 1970's, we would have found them in 1995!

- Any suggestions? - Moar Bigerz Array!
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