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Name: Carl Jones II

Place: United States

Hobbies: Falconry, Chess, Formula One Auto Racing, Writing, Surfing the Net, Listening to Classical Music

Interest: Quantum Mechanics, General and Special Relativity, Political and Computer Sciences, Security (Computer/Financial), Church Ministry Work, International Relations, Traveling, Biking, Skiing, Walking, Meditating, etc.

Favourite Books: The Bible, Art of War - Sun Tzu, The Prince, Contact, Sky Stone Trilogies, About Time by Paul Davies, etc.

Favourite Movies: Matrix, The Abyss, Original Star Wars, Johnny Mnemonic, Triple X - Vin Desil

Favorite TV Shows: Jim Lehrer News Hour, Star Trek TNG, Comedy
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. I could probably write an entire essay on the subject matter. However, there is no doubt in my mind of the existence of life outside our own Milky Way. This is not to diminish the wonderful and yet undiscovered life that lives in the deepest depths of our oceans.

Man's innate curiosity compels "him" to seek out the unknown and conquer barriers thought to be unfathomable. Sometimes this search for knowledge leads him "man" to face the harsh reality of his nature, which has a tendency to use or destroy those things, which he does not understand. Perhaps there are "Pandora Boxes" we should not open.

2. I feel the Seti Program is warranted in it's search for potential life outside our galaxy. However, I believe the signal you will find will not come in the form of radio or sound waves -as such, but rather through "Thought Waves" for use of a simplistic term. Thought has no mass and therefore in theory is not subjected to the laws of relativity. It is the ability of thought, which is key to the survival of any sentient being. I do not necessary subscribe to the theory that mathematics is the universal language. Who created mathematics– man. Therefore, I believe that it would be arrogant to think ALL sentient intelligent life should understand or use mathematics – it is possible. However, what is more likely is intelligent life should have some form of consciousness and therefore the potential for thought which in-its-self is the building block for life.
Why do you run SETI@home? What are your views about the project? Any suggestions?

3. I must confess the movie and the book "Contact" written by Carl Sagan was the prime reason I began to research the SETI project. After a quick web search I found myself @ and so began the journey.

Concerning my views about the project, I would have to say that overall the project is a significant endeavour and one that should be funded. Perhaps the government's funding crisis is actually a blessing in disguise.
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