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I work on SETI@HOME since Sept 06 2016 and after a year i have to says that the work i noticed the most finish to be the work mentally i did concerning the project We are all connected onto a network of powerful brains and of strong traffic of thoughts and I love it. For me to be connected with the network of massive antenna who send and receive continually frequencies from or to the SPACE all around the world make my brain and my minds updated with the pur energy of the creation. We are a family of SETIAN, we thought together, we mind together, we are all connected via this network to one project and the it result to be to SEARCH EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE its not amazing. think again to the possibilities that network offer to us, i am amaze again since Sept 06, 2016 when i became member of SETI@HOME and member of the team NASA. Its a gateway to universes open to us and the goal its to prepare the network with a vision of 75 years in the futur where in 75 years an other generation will start to use our work and development, Who knows maybe SOME E.T. knocking on our door each one of the project SETI@HOME telling us that they have heard from our computer our request and they decided to appears for the this world.

Hi everyone my name is Sylvain Aubé, I am originally from Montréal, Québec, and I am French first language and now I am living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am learning by myself since 22 years the computer science and I worked in this domain for an approximate of 10 years. I move to Vancouver in 2003 and i wasn't speaking and even writing the English language, I remember that I was learning to pronounce, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts in Ottawa where i wa s passing few months before to continue my travel to Calgary where i passed almost one year and then move to Vancouver for now 16 years. At the beginning when i arrived to Vancouver it was for me really difficult to communicate and to get what I needed or what i wanted because my not understanding of the English language. I did pass few years inside the shelters of the Downtown Vancouver, and finally, I decided to do some camping and passed 4 years sleeping outside in the parks and sometime hidden in a back-alley, i wasn't working and had again difficulty with my English, but I will say we have good and great people everywhere on this PLANET (Yeaahhh maybe another species got his\her\? own PLANET like we do, who knows, if you know who knows then bring it you know where. :) ).

So during that time I learned English and it was my first mission inside the Vancouver jungle to learn English and be able to speak my mind my thought and express myself enough to make someone speaking English understanding me. And i did it, I watched TV and started to learn the words and the phrases and sentences, grammar, punctuation, read the dictionary and speak with people, asking what are the great way to say, expressions or requests, questions or answers, to do these things have gave me success in the apprentissage of the English. I finally decided to find an apartment and to find a job again was hard because the apartment crisis period in Vancouver made the rent expensive for small apartment with shared toilet and with bugs and cockroaches. But i finally find my first appartement in Vancouver and at the same time a temporary job in a Community Centre the "Lifeskills Centre" in the Downtown East side Vancouver, also where i had volunteer during 2 years before to be admit as a working staff in the Community Centre. I started by cleaning the dishes and to do the cleanup of the washroom i did it for a year and finally a position opened at the Front Desk and i applied and got the job i worked during 6 years a that position and i was managing the desk mostly all the time. During this 6 years i have worked and learn with different trainings and programs offered by the centre and required to attends and successfully pass to continue working there. During these 6 years i became the president of the Board of Directors of the Centre and i have seated during 1 year and 8 months, after the presidency i became a candidate to seat at the board of director again and asked to be just a member with right to vote. I seated with the board to the end of the Community Centre services, the centre closed the 31st of December 2016 because funding's. I also funded a community group program call Snapshot Media Group which have for the goal to teach the steps to produce films and movies. I started in 2014 and it still be going at the moment with the development of "Dead Wallet" a story of a person with a normal life who decided to get credits and finish to be in the street and using drugs, coming back from a judge sanction and its own decision to a normal life with employment ans a place to live. You can visit: or contact Snapshot Media Group at

If you would like to know more about me you can visit my website in construction at the moment but some info are there, or .ca is same person ME, you can contact me via emails at:

Thank you!

Sylvain Aubé
Email: and

God the only one
Project: SETI@HOME
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To be connected with the higher transmission equipment and technologies in the world.
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