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Personal background
I am 51 years old (At the time of this writing 11/23/09) and I live in the state of Vermont.(Too cold! Why am I here?)

I'm an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and I have been licensed since 1984. I was a Network Administrator for a local Mental Health organization then went on the disabled list due to bad knees and a plethora of other things.

I am fascinated with the SETI program and want to help in any way that I can to discover possible signs of intelligent life in our universe.

Feel free to contact me. My email address is

Bye for now...
Bob Bruno...
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I do think that Extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe. Humans will probably stumble over the evidence of life out there either through programs such as SETI@home or by complete accident. It is possible that we might be discovered. There are always benefits in discovery. The dangers can be numerous. To us, and to those we discover. Humans have a very arrogant attitude toward their "sole" existence. It would surely "rock" their world if the presence of life outside of our solar system were to be discovered. There would be fear, possible hatred. Humans also have a tendency to exploit things/beings. This can cause a myriad of very undesirable events to occur. It is my hope that finding new life will bring us closer together and lift the arrogance and maybe allow us to see that the universe is like a planet with many different countries with many marvelous things to discover and wonder over.

Should we transmit a beacon to announce our existence in the universe?
Perhaps. But in doing so, we must also be prepared to live with whatever consequences are presented. Some of which I have outlined above. The other I guess would be the possibility that who or what hears and responds may be of a malevolent nature and could bring harm to our species. But... We will never know unless we try.

As to what information we should send?
Well, perhaps mathematical equations like successive prime numbers to announce our somewhat intelligent nature. That would certainly peak our interest if we came across it.

Why do I run SETI@home?
I feel very strongly that there is life in the universe. I think it is arrogant as well as foolish to believe that among the "Billions and Billions" (said in my best Carl Sagan voice) of stars that we can see, that there is no possibility for life existing elsewhere. What are the odds that we are the only ones? Very poor (IMHO). I feel it is a duty for us (the citizens of the universe) to find our brothers and sisters out there and let them know that they are not alone.
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